Prime Decorative Wood Colorant

Water-based wood colorant (dye)
General Information
Prime Decorative Wood Colorant is for coloring interior/exterior bare wood, whilst leaving the natural beauty of the grain visible. 
General Features
  • Natural look
  • Applied by brush/cloth/dipping
  • Lead-free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ready to use 
Where to Use
  • Suitable for interior/exterior wood
  • Doors and window joinery
  • Shutters
  • Claddings
  • Fences
  • Pergolas
  • Balcony railings
  • Roof fringes
  • Interior wooden floorings
  • Panels
  • Wooden ceilings


  • 0,75 L.
  • 2,5 L.
  • 15 L.
Color Chart

SA 1111

SA 1119

SA 1121

SA 1151

SA 1166

SA 1184

SA 1188

SA 1190

SA 1192


The above colors are applied on pine and are intended to approximate the final color. The color obtained will vary according to the type, texture and the absorbency of the wood. To see the final color, it is recommended to apply the coating on the wood to be actually used.

Surface Preparation
  • Remove any dirt, oil and wood dust from the surface.
  • New Wood Surfaces:
    • Sand the surface with sandpaper #80/120.
    • Thoroughly clean the generated dust.
  • Old Uncoated Wood Surfaces:
    • Sand the weathered surface with sandpaper #80/120.
    • Thoroughly clean the generated dust
  • Coated Wood Surfaces:
    • Do not apply the product on pre-coated surfaces.
    • Remove the old paint/varnish from the surface completely with a sandpaper.
    • Thoroughly clean the generated dust.
  • The product is ready to use and does not require thinning.
  • Stir the product thoroughly before use and check its homogeneity. Repeat this process during the application.
  • Apply the product in 1 coat by brush, cloth or dipping and wait 4-6 hours for complete dry.
  • Apply in the direction of wood grain to get a homogeneous look
  • For exterior use UV protection and decorative finish, apply Prime Industrial Varnish or Prime Wood Stain
  • Do not apply the product on pre-coated surfaces.
  • Remove the old stain/varnish from the surface completely with a sandpaper.
  • Thoroughly clean the generated dust.
  • Repeat same process as described in “Application”.
  • Inspect annually and maintain as required.
  • The general application temperature of the product is between 15°C  to 25°C at a relative humidity range of 40-65%. The moisture content of the wood should be max. 20% for exterior.
  • Do not apply the product under direct sunlight or rain.
  • Do not apply linseed oil, basecoat/primer, yacht varnish before or after Prime Decorative Wood Colorant applied surfaces.
  • To provide a long lifetime protection against decay, apply Prime Wood Preserver on untreated softwoods and wait 24 hours before applying Prime Decorative Wood Colorant.
  • The product should be protected from freezing and stored at temperatures between 5°C to 35°C.
  • Painting tools should be cleaned with soap and plenty of warm water after application. 
General Instructions

For product application, health and safety information, read the product's Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) from the documents section.

  • When the colorant is applied with a brush, it should be sweeped with the brush along the grains of the wood to obtain a homogeneous appearance and eliminate the risk of traces.
  • For long-term protection and a decorative appearance, it is recommended to apply Prime SC 7730 top coat after the colorant has dried.
  • The design of wooden structures in exterior applications in such a way that water does not accumulate on the surface increases the service life of the product significantly.
  • If it is desired to get maximum service life from exterior applications, it is recommended to apply the product to the back parts of the wood. In this way, the moisture that wood can absorb from the facade and construction will be kept to a minimum and the work of the wood will be minimized.
  • In order to obtain a homogeneous appearance; Sanding and painting should always be done in the direction of the wood grain. Coloring should always be started from the top of the wood and applied in areas of 3-5 square meters. If the application will be interrupted during the application; the application should be left at the joints of the woods or at the end and side edges. Otherwise, it will be overlaid and visually bad results. Always apply from the last applied part to the uncolored area and then come back to the colored part again to get the excess color.