Prime Wood Stain

Water-based stain that protects, colors, revitalizes wood
General Information
Prime Wood Stain is a penetrating water-based wood stain that's easy to use, fast drying, and available in 8 custom colors. Prime Wood Stain is produced by HEMEL considering the price/quality ratio, both economic and high-quality water-based wood varnish.
General Features
  • Water-based
  • Durable and resistant to exterior weather conditions
  • Water repellent
  • Lead-free
  • White, clear and 7 translucent color options
  • Ready to use
  • Sales organization, technical assistance & customer consultation services
Where to Use
  • Suitable for all exterior wood except floors
  • Doors and window joinery
  • Shutters
  • Cladding
  • Fences
  • Pergolas
  • Balcony railings
  • Roof fringes


  • 0,75 L.
  • 2,5 L.
  • 15 L. (Upon Request)
Color Charts











The above colors are applied on pine and are intended to approximate the final color. The color and the gloss obtained will vary according to the type, texture and the absorbency of the wood. Film thickness and the number of coats applied will also affect the end result. To see the final color, it is recommended to apply the coating on the wood to be actually used.

Surface Preparation
  • Remove any dirt, oil and wood dust from the surface.
  • New wood surfaces:
    • Sand the surface with sandpaper #80/120.
    • Thoroughly clean the generated dust.
  • Old Uncoated Wood Surfaces:
    • Sand the weathered surface with sandpaper #80/120.
    • Thoroughly clean the generated dust.
  • Coated Wood Surfaces:
    • Do not apply the product directly on pre-coated surfaces.
    • Remove the old paint/varnish from the surface completely with a sandpaper.
    • Thoroughly clean the generated dust.
  • The product is ready to use and does not require thinning. (At very high temperatures 10% drinking water may be added).
  • Stir the product thoroughly before use and check its homogeneity. Repeat this process during the application.
  • Apply the product in 2 coats by brush and wait 16 hours between coats.
  • Perform a slight sanding with sandpaper #180/220 between coats.
  • Wait 16 hours for complete dry.
  • Apply in the direction of the wood grain to get a homogeneous look
  • Do not apply the product directly on pre-coated surfaces.
  • Clean the wood surface completely from dirt and oil and perform a slight sanding.
  • Thoroughly clean the generated dust.
  • Repeat same process as described in “Application” with 1 or 2 coats depending on weathering.
  • Inspect annually and maintain as required.

 The performance of the varnish increases with regular maintenance.

Check your wood every year to maintain ideal protection and maintain as required.

General Instructions

For product application, health and safety information, read the product's Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) from the documents section.

  • To avoid brush strokes, make small areas of application and finish the application in the edging of wood. In addition, always brush in the direction of a non-stained area and then return to the stained surface by taking the excess stain.
  • Apply in the direction of wood grains to obtain a homogeneous appearance.
  • Always start painting at the top of the wood.
  • To prevent the glass, hinge, lock, door handle, and other accessories from painting, cover them with masking tape before starting the application.
  • For good protection, make sure the entire surface of the wood is well stained. Do not forget to apply head parts to the upper and lower edges of the doors and under the window sills.
  • Make sure that the edge corners of the wood you are applying will be chamfered (rounded) and no sharp corners. You cannot provide adequate protection to these sharp corners as you cannot apply enough of the product for film-forming