Prime Teak Oil

Maintenance oil for exterior wood and garden furniture
General Information
Prime Teak Oil Clear offers a natural finish for teak and similar hardwoods. It replaces the natural oils that are lost through weathering and prevents your wood from splitting and warping.
General Features
  • Preserves the natural appearance of wood and penetrates deeply
  • Water repellent
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lead-free
  • Ready to use
Where to Use
  • For exterior wood and garden furniture
  • Suitable for all exterior wood of boats above the waterline
  • 0,750 L.
  • 2,5 L.
  • 20 L. 
Color Chart



The above colors are applied on pine and are intended to approximate the final color. The color obtained will vary according to the type, texture and the absorbency of the wood. To see the final color, it is recommended to apply the coating on the wood to be actually used.



Surface Preparation




  • Remove any dirt, oil and wood dust from the surface.
  • New Wooden Floors:  Sand the surface with sandpaper #80/120.  Thoroughly clean the generated dust.
  • Old Uncoated Wood Surfaces:  Sand the weathered surface with sandpaper #80/120.
  • Coated Wood Surfaces:  Do not apply the product directly on pre-coated surfaces.  Remove the old paint/varnish from the surface completely with a sandpaper.  Thoroughly clean the generated dust
  • The product is ready to use and does not require thinning.
  • Stir the product thoroughly before use.
  • Apply the product in 1 coat by a brush or cloth and remove the excess oil by cloth for the best result.
  • Wait 24 hours for complete dry
  • Do not apply the product directly on pre-coated surfaces. 
  • Clean the wood surface completely from dirt and oil and perform a slight sanding.
  • Thoroughly clean the generated dust.
  • Repeat same process as described in “Application”.
  • Maintenance should be repeated every season
  • Keep product closed when not in use.
  • The general application temperature of the product is between 15°C to 25°C at a relative humidity range of 40-65%.
  • The moisture content of the wood should be max. 20%.
  • Do not apply the product under direct sunlight or rain.
  • To provide a long lifetime protection against decay, apply Prime Wood Preserver on untreated softwoods and wait 24 hours before applying Prime Teak Oil.
  • The product should be stored at temperatures between 5°C to 35°C.
  • Painting tools should be cleaned with mineral spirits after the application
General Instructions

For product application, health and safety information, read the product's Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) from the documents section.




  • For the maintenance of your garden furniture, apply the product in 1 layer with a brush, cloth or roller, remove excess oil by brushing.
  • If too much oil is left on the surface, it forms a film layer and the product dries late. Thus, Homogeneous appearance is not provided, it holds dust.
  • Maintenance of wooden surfaces should be repeated every season.
  • It should not be forgotten to remove excess oil by brushing or cloth. Thus, the oil is distributed  and absorbed evenly on the surface.
  • For ease of operation, there should not be too much oil to be applied on the surface